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Most of the family names found in United States are written with double s (Kitrosser)
Most of the family names found in South America and Europe are written with one (Kitroser)
There is also a conection with the Kitrossky family in Israel (born Kitrosser). See ALTER. Also related name as Ketrosser, Chetroser.
I also found some Kitroser's in holocaust files in Romania and also information on relatives arrived in New York in early 20th century.

The family name came from a town named "Chetrosu,"Kitrosy", "KETPOCbl", near Soroki in Rumania or Bessarabia (Actually Republic of Moldavia). See map
There were originally four brothers and sisters  born in Bessarabia, and one cousin or nephew (Sani Mendel).

Some data seems to point out that Sani Mendel was a half brother of Itzaak Yehuda (Shloime's son) but, if Shloime was born near 1840 and Sani was born around 1850,  more probably Sani could have been Shloime’s cousin or a nephew.
Born in Bessarabia ca. 1840 . Married  Tuba Married many times. No children Born in Sorocca - RUMANIA ca.1850
Emigrate to Argentina before 1900, where his son Itzaak Yehuda (Yitzkhrokida) was already living. Had four grandsons that went to U.S.A. Descendants:
Anna (Niuscha)
No data. Emigrate to Argentina after his wife died. 

Died: Segui -Entre Rios - ARGENTINA 1921

SHLOIME (-.1), married three times.
SHLOIME (-.1) & Adele  Adelman . . . . .
Nancy (Nesa) (1.1) Foto
m. Charmoy
Sophie (Susya) (1.2) Foto
m. Charash
Itzaak (1.3)
Oodle (Udel) (1.4)Foto
m. Silver
Hyman (1.5) Bronna (1.6)
remained in Bessarabia
Harry (1.7) Schiffra (1.8)
SHLOIME & Fanny  Shore . . . . .
Rachel (1.9) Yussel (1.10) . . . . . .
SHLOIME & Gnendel . . . . . .
Miechel (1.11) . . . . . . .

Nancy (Nesa) (1.1)

Sophie (Susya) (1.2) incomplete link to:

Paul Charosh Mail

Itzaak Kitroser (1.3) m. Ana Handelman Adolfo Kitroser (13.2) m. Catalina Schvartzman

José (Yussel) Kitroser (13.1) m. Cecilia Backman José (Yussel) Kitroser (13.1) m. Berta Backman Miguel Kitroser (13.5) m.Sarah Schilkrut

Catalina Kitroser (13.6) m. Zenon Chervin

Cecilia Kitroser (13.4) m. Esteban Radunsky
        Salomon Radunsky (134.1) m. Adela Bromberg
                Paulina (1341.1) mail
                Guillermo (1341.2)
                Marcelo   (1341.3)
           David Radunsky (134.2) m. Inés Einstein
                Daniel (1342.1) m. Fabiana Rodriguez mail
         Adela Radunsky (134.3) m. José Kaplan
                Analía (1343.1)
                David (1343.2)

Natalio Kitroser (13.3) m. Dora Helman

Hyman (Akiva) Kitrosser (1.5)  m. Edos Hyman (Akiva) Kitrosser (1.5)  m. Riva
Harry Kitroser (1.7) m. Eva Silberman

Schiffra  Kitrosser (1.8) m. Schloime Kitrosser (2.2)

YUSSEL (-.2)
YUSSEL (-.2) y Esther .
Shimin  (2.1) Schloime  (2.2) Sarah  (2.3)

Shimin  (2.1)

ALTER (-.3)
ALTER (-.3) y Tuba
Moses  (3.1) Naum  (3.2) Anna (3.3) Isaac (3.4)

Moses  Kitrosser m. Sara

Naum  Kitrosser m. Olga

Anna  Kitrosser m. Moses Khinkis

Isaac  Kitrosser m.Brana Grosman

SANI MENDEL (-.5) (1850-1921)
SANI .MENDEL (-.5) y Marina Sonis . . . .
Liuba (5.1) Sara (5.2) Jaime (5.3) José (5.4) Clara (5.5) Paulina (5.6)

Liuba  Kitroser (1878-1953) (5.1) m.  Moisés Yasky (1868-1960)

Sara  Kitroser (5.2)

Jaime  Kitroser (5.3) m. Clara Rothman

José Kitroser (5.4) (1884-1963) casado con María Krimer Abraham Kitroser (54.2) (1917-1992) casado con Gloria Ungar (?-2009) Marina  Kitroser (54.3) (1920-1997) casada con Abraham Waisman
        Ingrid Maria Foto (1946)         Leonardo Julio (1947)

Clara  Kitroser (5.1) m.  Isaias Goldstein

Paulina  Kitroser (5.1) m.  Lajmanovich

There are a couple of families without any known connection with the others:

Mauricio, David y Adela were brothers, Adela emigrated to Israel.

* David (ó José) Kitroser (f. 1978) m. Rosa Goldstein (f. 1997)(Pehuajó- Argentina)
        Salomón José (19..- 1981) m. Monica Melnitsky
                Adrian Ariel (1973)
                Claudia Daniela (1974)
                Chantal Cynthia (1981)

* Mauricio Kitroser, born in Rumania went to Argentina. Married Ana died in Buenos Aires (1969?).
        Silvia Kitroser (Bs.As.)

* Adela Kitroser

* Isaac Ketrosser born in 1852  Orheiv (Bessarabia) d. in Paris 1909
        Yaakov Kitrosser (Jacob Kantor) m. Rachel Naftalovitch born in Felast  (m. Goldberg wen to USA)
                Edward Kantor
                        Edward M. Kantor 

* Karl Kitroser son of Morris and grandson of Akiva and Riva lives in New York.

* David Kitrosser, nacido tambien en Rumania, casado con Anna Spector, emigro a EEUU en 1923 aproximadamente. Sus hermanos Hymie y Benjamin uno de ellos emigró a Israel.

Sus hijos Isidor (1921) , Jacob (1925 y Evelyn (1932), la hija de Isidor, Roberta Gold vive en EEUU

As far as I know this are the names and origin of our family. I would greatly thank any information and details that could help to correct or increase this information.

Written by:
Héctor Kitroser- 64 years old-  (541.2) with invaluable help of my father Felix
Special thanks to Paul Charosh for his information. His grand-grandmother was Nessa Kitrosser (1.1)
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